About Belize Bird Rescue
(the absolute favourite charity of Rock Farm!)

In 2004 Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) began operating as a parrot rescue centre. Since then the facility has grown to accommodate any indigenous bird species although the primary focus remains with the parrot victims of the illegal pet trade in Belize. It is now a registered non-profit organisation and NGO in Belize.

Parrots that come to BBR may have already endured years in captivity or are chicks that have been taken from the nest by poachers. Some are Belize Forest Department confiscations and some surrendered by bird owners who can no longer cope with their bird. Some are part of the at-risk hand-rearing projects we share with TIDE, Programme for Belize and Belize Audubon Society. Once at the Centre, we begin the long process of rehabilitation by giving them the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to return to the wild.

Often the birds have physical inadequacies: undernourishment, badly clipped wings, poor feather condition, and most of the time they have severe behavioural and psychological disorders. Rectifying these problems can take anything from 12 - 36 months and even 5 to 7 years depending on the severity of the damage and the age and species of the bird.

BBR has released. Non-parrot patients throughout the year include owls, raptors, passerines, toucans, water birds and galiforms.

Rock Farm Guest House provides direct and sustainable funding for Belize Bird Rescue.

Running costs are around $220US per day, which includes animal feed, staffing, utilities and vehicle fuel.

A pre-flight aviary costs around $1,500US and houses up to 6 birds. A flight aviary can run to  around $5,000 -$8,000US and will accommodate around 25 birds. Smaller cages for quarantine, isolation and recovery can cost anything from $500 to $1000US. Once a flock is established in a flight aviary it is impractical, and counter-productive to introduce more birds into the territory, therefore expansion and the funding to do so is a key issue for BBR.


Not to mention that the feed bill is $40US a day - and that’s without any visiting carnivores!

BBR also supports the work of the under-funded Belize Forest Department, particularly in administration and enforcement of the captive parrot licencing programme and in education and public awareness.

Belize Bird Rescue would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Rock Farm Guest House, thereby supporting their avian conservation efforts.


Belize Bird Rescue works closely with the Government of Belize, Belize Animal Rescue, Programme for Belize, Belize Audubon Society, TIDE, Scarlet Six, Belize Wildlife Conservation Network, and other conservation organisations in Belize plus support from World Parrot Trust and HARI, Rolf C Hagen Inc. 


For more information please visit our website

What happens at BBR during your stay at Rock Farm Guest House?

7am Breakfast: there is a prep kitchen for the birds in the garage. You will find Jerry, Nikki and BBR staff dishing up a healthy breakfast for the birds

7.30am Service: The helpers at BBR will take a plate or two of food to every aviary for the bird’s daily feast. There are at least 63 plates to be delivered to our 43 outdoor enclosures, nursery, quarantine room and clinic. This number goes way up in the busy summer months.

8am Nurse! Any birds requiring special treatment, medication, dressing changes, morning scritches etc are dealt with at this time. Plus bed baths, shower and bed changes for all the nursery and hospital birds.

9am Clean-up crew: Oscar goes around the outdoor enclosures with his scrub brush and hose, and flushes away yesterday’s discarded food. Carmen washes all of the old food baskets, utensils, crates, and towels.

1pm Jungle-me: Oscar cuts fresh branches and decorates the enclosures. He makes sure everyone has clean and solid perching and good shade leaves.

3pm Gone Fishing: If we have any piscivores, now is the time when the sleepy little river minnows and the pond tilapia are easiest to catch. Thanks to Orlando’s fishing skills we always have a steady supply of fish when we need them. He uses a cast net in the pond and a bottle in the river - if you're interested in how that works, do ask us (or Orlando)

4pm Nurses rounds again: It’s time for the afternoon meds, bed-checks, and tuck everyone in for the night. Feeding of nocturnal birds and then lights off at dusk for everyone.

6pm (winter) or 7pm (summer) Hopefully all quiet and sleeping


Other jobs

  • Rat feeding (daily) and cleaning (weekly)

  • Mealworm feeding (daily) and cleaning (weekly)

  • Pool cleaning (daily)

  • Cooking cake, beans and eggs for the birds (daily)

  • Feeding the babies (April to October)

  • Food foraging around the property

  • Rescues and releases

  • Database management

  • Vet trips and education outings

  • Parrot cuddles

  • Weight and health checks on aviary birds


If you would like to see/do any of these daily or periodic activities, please let us know.

Unfortunately, some activities are off-limits to day visitors, but please ask.

Guided tours of the facility can be arranged: a small donation is always welcome!


Ways to support BBR


You are already supporting Belize Bird Rescue by staying at Rock Farm, and for that we are incredibly grateful. If you are interested in other ways to support us, or would be happy to recommend us to a friend, here are some ideas.


  • Become a Fly Free Belize Member or give a Membership as a unique gift

  • Purchase a t-shirt: $15US ($30BZ) for an excellent quality t-shirt. Ask to see colours and sizes

  • Purchase our book: Zack and Kiki’s First Big Adventure. Our fully illustrated children’s book for $15US ($30BZ). There is a sample copy on the shelf on the verandah

  • Purchase a gift pack: a gorgeous basket with t-shirt, book, bottle of rum and vouchers for a tour $50US ($100BZ)

  • Take a tour: a guided tour of the facility with expert narrative and Q&A. We don’t charge an admission but would consider a donation of say $10 or $20 very helpful indeed!

  • Donate supplies locally: if you’re in Belmopan or any branch of Reimers Feedmill throughout the country, you could buy as many sunflower seeds as you can afford. We will be unbelievably grateful!

  • Donate money on site: There is a rather stunning Harpy eagle collection box in the garage, please feel free to fill his belly!

  • Donate via our 501(c)(3) fundraising platform: we use an online fundraising platform called Global Giving. Every donation receives a certificate from Global Giving which makes your donation tax-deductible. If your company or employer has a ‘donation match’ scheme, please let us know as we can easily turn your overnight stay into a donation.

  • Send supplies from abroad: once you get home, you could send donations of food, toys, towels and medical supplies to our Houston shipping address. Check on our ‘wish-list’ page on our website for details

  • Become an advocate: not everyone has funds to spare; in fact, most people have no funds to spare! But if you have friends who are in a position to help us out or fund raise on our behalf, please direct them to our website, or ask them to email us for more information For more information about our organisation, please visit our website



Thank you once again for your support and your company!!

If you enjoyed your stay, please tell your friends and Tripadvisor and Air B&B and Booking.com etc etc

If there was anything you would like us to improve upon, please tell us: we can take it!


Safe onward journey and enjoy the remainder of your holiday in Belize


Jerry and Nikki  et al