At Rock Farm


The River

The river runs north-south, which is pretty much along the horizon looking out from the vernadah. There are three main access points

1. behind the pond at the right hand corner of the property. Walk parallel to the right hand fence line until you can see the pond, then go around to the left hand side of the pond and you will see a trail going down behind the dam. You need to scramble over the rocks and just ’go for it’ or you’ll sink in the mud. This is where you would start the Lazy River float with the tubes you took from the garage.

2. ‘South Beach’ This is where you would have very easy access for a vey short float or swim. Take the concrete track roads, past Catbird Cottage and the workshop. Follow the road to the right bending around the bamboo and absolutely straight on down until you see the river. There’s a muddy path to the right that leads down to a stony beach. Jump in and start floating!

3. ‘North Beach’ is where the waterwheel is. You can actually see it from the entrance to South Beach. Follow the directions above, but turn left and walk alongside the river on the lane. Eventually you reach a road to the right which leads down to the river. There’s a lovely beach and two swimming areas—above and below the water wheel. We don’t recommend shooting the rapids as there are hidden rocks. Watch for those nibbling fishies!


The Water Wheel

This is on ‘North Beach’ (see above). It was conceived and engineered by Jerry in 2006. He would love to show you and tell you all about it. If he’s not around or you want to guide yourself, it’s a ‘spiral pump water wheel’ which works by scooping water and air alternately and compressing it through the 9 wraps of pipe that put it under enough pressure to pump the water up beyond 70 feet. Very impressive kit!



You are welcome to use the binoculars and bird books on the verandah. There are squirrels and wild birds everywhere, including a lot we have released that are not quite as afraid of us as the wild ones. Anything with a band is definitely one of our releases. Have a look at the checklist at the back of the book, and if you are good with ebird, please feel free to record your finds. We would be very grateful!


The Trails

The property is bordered by fences, the river or the road, so unless you cross one of those you will not be outside of Rock Farm. If you go around by the old quarry, you may eventually find yourself by a small red-roof house. That’s totally fine, just walk around and head down the hill - eventually you will see the guest house. If an old chap shouts at you, that’s Jerry’s dad. If you see a cleared trail up through the trees, chances are it leads somewhere, so go explore!


The Trees

Many of the trees have fruit on which you’re very welcome to try. Watch for bees nests under the coconut leaves and red ant nests at the base of many of the trees. You will be incredibly lucky to see a snake, scorpion or tarantula so make sure you have your camera handy.


The Pond

If you wait by the pond you may see turtles, frogs, kingfishers, herons, egrets and possibly a crocodile.



If you would really like your fishing fix, the pond is full of large tilapia. We use it as a reservoir for our pelican food, but we will happily sacrifice a few if want to get your hook in the water.