Jonathan Urbina

Jonathan started birding at the age of 10 in his home town of Orange Walk.

One of his greatest mentors has been Lee Jones, author of the Birds of Belize. Jonathan will be forever indebted to Lee for showing him this amazing life. In return, Belize can be grateful for the talented birder that was created that day!

Jonathan's expertise as a birder lies with the raptors although he has a particular fondness for the motmots and trogons (love those hunting carnivores)

Jonathan was fortunate enough to head up the orange breast falcon restoration project for the Peregrine Fund for five years, overseeing the release of many of these incredible birds and ensuring their survival through careful observation, record-keeping and behavioural analysis. During this time, a true birder was born.

"Being a bird guide was the perfect career choice. It gives me the perfect opportunity to spend my working life doing what I love most in the world"

But more importantly than that, it gives Jonathan the chance to use what he excels at and has a genuine passion and aptitude for.

Not least, it has the added bonus of showing off the beautiful birds of his country to his fellow birders and tourists alike. 

Fun facts about Jonathan:

  • He was the highest ranked graduate of the 2016 BAS programme

  • He is the youngest person in Belize to get a ‘first records’. This was for the lesser goldfinch in 1998

  • He is a plumassier and the creator of ‘Anibru’ currently on display at the Belize Zoo - take time to visit and see what is literally the work of lifetime

  • His 2,015 ebird check-lists have than 530 of the 605 recorded species in Belize

"If birding is in your blood, there's really nothing else you should be doing!"

Contact Jonathan

+501 601 3830