• Please fill in registration on arrival

  • Maximum stay 5 nights

  • Cash payments preferred

  • (credit card fee additional 5%)

  • No animals

  • No children under  12 yrs

  • No fires

These facilities are included in the basic fee


  • Use of bathroom and shower (usually warm)

  • (toiletries and towels not provided)

  • Wi-Fi

  • Freezer pack freezing

  • Charging small devices (phone, tablet, notebook)

Non-vehicle camping or Independent vehicle camping per per night:

$20 BZ per night (up to 2 persons)

$5 BZ each additional person per night

Includes (when available): 

  • Camping pitch (for a tent, hammock or just lay down)

  • Camping pitch (for parking a vehicle)

Connecting camping vehicle:

$10 BZ per night (up to 2 persons)

$5 BZ each additional person per night

Includes (when available)

  • Cold water hook-up to vehicle

  • Electricity hook-up to vehicle

Guest House amenities


  • Full Breakfast, subject to availability $15 BZ (per person)

  • Evening meal, reservation required, subject to availability. $30 BZ (per person)

  • Beer $5 BZ, juice $4 BZ, soft drinks $3 BZ

  • Laundry (air dry on line/tumble dry) $20 BZ per load (includes soap)

  • Please do not use wash machine on your own, we will do it for you.

  • (we also accept USD with conversion rate $2BZ : $1US)

Property Rules


  • Please do not interact with any of the birds, caged or free

  • You may use the river at your own risk

  • You may explore the trails on the property

  • Please do not climb the trees or harvest any fruits without permission

  • The bathroom and shower downstairs in the main house is for your use, please do not use the field

  • Please deposit bagged trash in the bins next to the laundry room

  • The front gate is kept closed, but not locked. Please close it after entering or exiting


Thank you for supporting Belize Bird Rescue with your stay at Rock Farm

Safe travels!