Getting around Belize—general info

For any service or product, ensure sure both you and the vendor agree the currency. So often visitors take $25 taxi ride to find at the end that it’s $25US and not $25BZ


Rules of the road

  • If you wish to turn left on the highway: pull to the right and wait for ALL traffic to clear before turning

  • Turn signals can mean many different things: A right signal can mean ‘I am turning right’ or ‘I am pulling to the right in order to turn left’, or ‘I will stay here and you should overtake’ or ‘I am staying here and so should you as it’s not safe to overtake.’ Basically, ignore/distrust any signals from other drivers.

  • If someone is not signaling this also means nothing: they could turn, stop, overtake or pull left or right at any moment

  • If someone swerves to the left or right, don’t assume you know what they are doing. Wait for them to finish doing whatever it is before you pull around them.

  • Do not pull right up to the end of a T  junction: everyone cuts the corners.

  • You must pull up and wait at manned Police checkpoints. They may signal you through or ask to see your license. Vehicle tax and insurance are stuck to the screen, the ‘title’ should be in the glove box.

  • Be aware that drinking and driving is illegal but not enforced

  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers - most are fine but there’s always that one… it’s not worth your risk.

  • Many road surfaces become extremely slippery in the rain: drive accordingly.

  • Potholes can be huge. Try to avoid them if you can do so safely, especially if they’re full of water

  • Speed-bumps are unmarked, unlit and everywhere. These bumps are also pedestrian crossings.  Cars must give way to pedestrians. Pedestrians will not look at you or stop for you - if you hit them, it’s your fault.

  • Cyclists fall under the same ‘rule’ as pedestrians. If you hit one, it’s your fault. Even when it’s not your fault.

  • Keep an eye on the fuel gauge. Gas stations can be very far apart


All vehicle renters must have a full, valid drivers licence


Motor Solutions

Hummingbird Highway, Belmopan (near the roundabout) 822 0644 (John)

Only one vehicle: a Mahindra 4x4 pick-up truck. $180BZ ($90US) per day which includes fully comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage (fuel not included). No age restrictions. Booking essential in advance.



Cayo Rentals

Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio, 824 2222/ 610 4779 (Frank)

$160BZ per day plus $100 deposit. Price includes 3rd party liability. Fully comprehensive insurance $28BZ per day extra.



Hertz: Belize International Airport (PGIA). 225 3300/ 223 5395/610-2522

Avis: Municipal Airport and PGIA branches. 225 2385 / 2629 / 223 4619

Crystal Auto Rental: Belize City and PGIA Tel: 223 1600 or 0800 777 7777 (toll free)

Belize Estate Auto Rental (Ford Motor Company): Slaughterhouse Road, Belize City Tel: 223 6016 (24hrs)

Budget Rent-a-car: Mile 2.5 Northern Hwy and PGIA 223 2435 / 3986

Kia Rent-a-car: Belize City and PGIA branches. Pick-up and free shuttle bus. 223 6016 / 223 0642

Belize City rentals from the ‘names’ start at around $80 US per day plus insurance: $24US for fully comprehensive or $16 for 3rd party liability. Most stipulate that drivers are over 25yrs


As with everything in Belize, agree your price and agree the currency before you sign up.

(1 USD = 2 BZD)