Out and about from Rock Farm

The following  contain ideas for self-guided trips you can take in a day or less. We recommend that you download the google maps to use offline for each area before you leave


Tour Guides

Belizean tour guides are very well trained and knowledgeable and the industry is strictly regulated so you will not go wrong if you use a reputable company. We like Cayo Adventure Tours (see enclosed price list) as they have always been very honest and reliable. We also have personal friends who are licenced tour guides and in some cases specialists guides such as for birding or cave-tubing. Caves Branch Resort also offer their signature tours to guests at certain other establishments. You must arrange these through us at Rock Farm: don’t just turn up. Let us know if you’re interested or need help arranging any other tour, especially if you don't have a vehicle.

Planning your own trips

Self-drive or tour company?

If you intend to take a lot of trips during your stay in Belize, you will eventually pay less if you rent a vehicle rather than going through tour operator. This is particularly true if there are more than two people in your party. However, vehicle rental is expensive (see rental page) and road conditions are tricky.

The outings we have identified are grouped into days out. Some are tight itineraries and others leisurely days out. The time you could/should spend at your destination are in brackets: this does not include the time it takes to reach your destination - check the itinerary for that information. You don’t necessarily have to do everything on the list, but you theoretically could.

Many outings can be done by bus. The nearest bus stop is at Westar at the end of our road, or the Central Terminal is in Belmopan directly opposite Scotia Bank The busses run at least every hour and are quite cheap. Take note of the local custom of flagging the bus on the roadside: just standing there is not indication enough that you want it to stop and pick you up. Peak hours (7:30-8:30am and 5-6pm) the busses are often full in which case they won’t stop at all. We can drop you at either Belmopan terminal or at the end of the road. To get home you’ll have to call us or take a taxi from Belmopan.


Most excursions have a secure car park with a guard so you should be okay to leave concealed items in the vehicle. Try to be sensible though, this is still the real world. Don’t push your luck with expensive electronics and jewellery or lots of cash and essentials such as passports.


The roads are pretty quiet, but the road surface is not great and potholes appear out of nowhere. The police are keen on seeing your driving licence, so make sure you have that available. Night driving in Cayo can be a little unnerving and drinking and driving is not the taboo it is in other countries so be aware that not everyone on the road is quite as alert as you are.

One quirky road-use tip: when you are on the highway and you want to pull to the left, you pull off to the right until it’s all clear and then make your left. Some drivers actually indicate a left turn, while making the right-hand pull-off. It’s very disconcerting. But point being, if you go to make a regular left-hand turn with another vehicle behind you, chances are he will try to overtake and smack straight into you. This rule does not apply in town… but where the town stops and the highway officially begins is anyone’s guess.

See the page on Rules of the Road for more tips on driving in Belize.


The number of road-signs in the country can be counted on one hand, and if you ask for directions you’ll get helpful tips like ‘turn left at my grannies' house’. Best to check the route before you set off.

Entry Fees & Tour Fees

For some bizarre reason, resorts and tour companies think it’s acceptable to quote in US dollars, which is twice the amount of the Belize dollar price. Make sure you set your price and currency before agreeing to anything.