Rock Farm is home to Belize Bird Rescue

In case you weren't aware, Rock Farm is a major funding source for Belize Bird Rescue. The Rescue is the only multi-species avian rehab and release centre. The focus is on returning parrots to the wild after being liberated from the illegal pet trade. This is a long process of between 2-8 years depending on species and level of habituation. Additionally they care for injured or orphaned wild raptors, passerines and waterbirds - such as herons, storks, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, toucans. Right now they have 160+ parrots plus a vulture, two owls, a hawk, heron, woodpecker and a bunch of pigeons to worry about. Annual expenses run at about $80,000US a year. So... if you're thinking of coming to Belize, and you want to explore the Cayo District - please do it from Rock Farm and help support this wonderful organisation!

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