Yaxhá Maya Archaeological Site
Requires a border crossing

Yaxhá is located in Guatemala, between Tikal and the Belize border.

If you are staying overnight at Tikal you can stop by for a visit on your way to or from Tikal. If you’re aggressive tourists and got enough of an early start, you could get them both in one day. Make sure your driver knows your intentions before you employ his services.


“Yaxhá, which translates to "Blue Green Waters", sits between two beautiful lakes. The climb up many of its Temples, yields breath taking views of the surrounding area, including both the lakes and the Rio Azul that feeds them. Occupied from 600BC to 900AD, the site offers a variety of construction styles. It is famed for its organised street structure, unique to the Mayan world, and Stelae which are influenced by Mexico's Teotihuacan”